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We are one of the leading textile wet processing mills established in 1952. It was established on the banks of river Bhavani, a tributary of river Cauvery.
The Beginnings
Around the time when India became independent, composite mills in Coimbatore region realised that they can sell their fabrics only if they can offer processed fabrics. It had been decided by promoters of the Lakshmi mills, Vasantha mills, Coimbatore Murugan mills, Sri Saradha mills, etc to establish a process house of their own and it was the beginning of "UNITED BLEACHERS LIMITED”.

At present the unit is being managed by Swastik Group Of Concerns. Swastik Group is a leading agency for the bulk chemicals, namely, CAUSTIC SODA, SODA ASH, PEROXIDE etc.,

United Bleachers Limited is being managed by Board of Directors. The directors are :
Mr. E. K. Lingamurthy, Chairman.
Mr. L. Sharavanan, Director.
Mrs. L. Parameswari, Director.
Mrs. S.Nithya, Director.
Mr. M. Ravi, Director.
Mr. C.R. Sethuramalingam, Director.
The day-to-day affairs are being managed by Mr. L. Sharavanan.
PEDXCIL : Registered with Power Loom Development and Export Promotion Council, Mumbai. (A body constituted by the Ministry of Textiles-Govt. of India).
SITRA : The South India Textile Research Association.
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